Outside In chose Aradne to be Artist of the Month for July 2012

I use machine embroidery techniques to create figures, birds, insects, flowers and text which come together in reticulate structures. I consider the way I work as 'Drawings in stitch'' and I assemble the figures in an intuitive manner. I see the way I work as a language or a tool to communicate how I see the world in my imagination not as a record of things seen. I don't know where the images come from, but they do stem from my childhood spent in Africa. I always stitch automatically straight onto the fabric, without drawing them first. Each web like structure is created on fine muslin, nylon or dissolvable fabric, in black and white stitch or a colour palette that is totally random in selection of colours . I like to experiment and develop my ideas as I am working, forever changing the piece, sometimes incorporating previous works into a new creation, until I feel satisfied it conveys the message I wish to get across.



Joanna Simpson

Hi! Hello Aradne- your work is SENSATIONAL! Very special. THANK YOU for those you have sent- i love them really love them. What was I thinking(obviously not properly)not to get your contact details- PLEASE send your addresses so i can contact you and keep in touch. Have asked Hannah if she can help. Perhaps inappropriate (?) to put my email address here but my fb. is mari joanna simson- ( i know!) Please be my friend then can send details of email and home address. Much LOVE and THANKS Aradne. Wish we could do Aber. all over again. Wasn't it great. And here, your work is FABULOUS- love the comments too. CONGRATULATIONS



Hi Michelle Thank you for commenting it's greatly appreciated. My work is for sale via this website or at exhibition, further information of which is available by contacting Outsidein.


Michele Fandel Bonner

Your work is so compelling. I would love to see a video showing you making one of these. Please keep making them, they are wonderful. Where do sell them?



Thank you 😊


d lombard

I like your works a lot.



Thank you su for your comment it's really appreciated 😊



Just love your work Aradne. Keep going! Best wishes from Su


jane fenn

Dear Aradne,

I really admire your work and would love to show it in our Gallery in Rye , if this would be possible please let me know If you would be interested .you may contact me on the e_mail above

Kind regards

Jane Fenn



Carlo, Jackie, Tim thank you for taking the time to give feedback. I love making these pieces and have a need to do so but it really helps to have one's work appreciated



Dear Rose

Thank you so much for your wishes and continued encouragement and support it really is appreciated. I am glad you like the latest work as I want to continue to develop ideas that sometimes may or may not work..

Like you suggested, I have started to work on a larger scale with the web- like pieces in black and white and limited colour. so please do give any feedback as when you are close to the work you don't always know if you are on the right path!


Rose Knox-Peebles

Dear Aradne

Lovely to see these - I can't get to the Open House, so Jennifer sent them to me. they are so delicate, and frightening and beautiful at the same time - like the best of spirits.

very best wishes




Really potent stuff! Thanks for sharing and hope to see some 'in real' again soon!


Jackie Bennett

Amazing work. I am so in awe of anyone that can capture their thoughts, emotions and experiences in a piece of art. The embroidery in particular is wonderful. As an embroidery novice I am still trying to find some way of accessing my imagination. Good stuff Aradne!


Tim Ridley

Love the freedom there is in your work, I strive to be as open as you are with your sketching.



fantastic comments thank you!


Andy Brereton

as a family we're still talking about your work as part of the Outside In National at Pallant House in Chichester. Three generations of my family visited the exhibition, several of us more than once. We kept being drawn to your piece, inspired by both your technique and imagination.

Would love to see more



Kathy Gibson

I have not seen anything as unusual as your pictures. I really find the way you do them really interesting. I just enjoy looking at them.




thank you for all your wonderful comments it makes such a difference


philip gale

Wonderful. I can identify very much with your way of working, and the results speak for themselves. I have never seen anything quite like it before. Love your use of your medium, extraordinarily original, and very effective in expresssing in what is definately your own visual language.


Steve Murison

I really love these, been sitting looking at them for ages.



...great work Aradne :)


Linda Gordon

Really like your work and the delicate affect of the medium you use. The pieces are intriguing and evoke folklore and mystery. Glad you were chosen as artist of the month.



Thank you for your feedback Gina. The figures are machine embroidery and they are done on a very basic machine that seems to have a life of its own when I'm stitching! I don't use a hoop either as I feel it restricts the movement you can achieve in stitching.I am currently working on more pieces which hopefully I will exhibit at some point.Perhaps you could let me have your email address via outside in and I can let you see them or let you know when I hopefully show them at some point.



Hi, I have just discovered your work via a mutual aquaintance/friend and I think it is fascinating. Would love to see it in real life. I love to stitch figures too, mostly using machine embroidery.


Your comments are very welcome, thank you. I don't know where the images come from. I stitch automatically straight onto the fabric without drawing them first. While doing this I do think of images in my head. Having said that, they do resemble the drawings in my sketch book. I agree with you about the ancient history, voodoo dolls etc and because the images come out intuitively I wonder if I am some how tapping into an ancient past life I may have lived,


Cecilia Montague

The figures that you have embroidered on fabric make me think of voodoo dolls,mummies from ancient history,corpses etc, but I do not find your art morbid. The compositions and "textile" arrangements that you construct are vital-your presentation ideas are brilliant.


Cecilia Montague

"Leave me alone" is a very successful piece of textile art. The tower of human figures that you have stitched on the muslin is




My submitted pieces are textile hangings of a figurative nature incorporating words exploring the theme of freedom.I use hand and machine embroidery techniques on fine muslin mainly in black and white stitch.

I am also currently working on machine embroidered figures,birds flowers and words that will be incorporated into basket like structures.

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