By using the process of photography, transferring the image to a drawing, then onto canvas. I transform the figures pose and gesture by fragmenting the form into colour, eliminating its true features and extracting the illumination of the inner self. I am trying to evoke the effect of presence, energy, action or non action and sometimes repetitiveness in relation to human existence in time and space. Ideas evolve from my ideas or imagination, deciphering what the human eye sees and technology cannot interpret without the human hands interference. I am exploring the art of making a visual opera by using the medium of paint.




Very very clever and lovely!


geoffrey cervantes

hi,i really enjoyed looking through your pics,very interesting,unique and very expressive...alll the best,geoff...


John Pipere

Highly original and full of life and movement, great work and hope to see more


Cecilia Montague

The way you have painted the bodies is interesting. It reminds me of tribal art and also biological diagrams from medical text books.

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