Digital artist and portraitist

A dulwich artist

All these works are digital and comprise a mixture of hand-drawn and personal photography images. They are available as high definition prints on paper or canvas in sizes from A4 to AO, costing from £75 to £850.



imma maddox

dear tony

hello i hope you are well and working well? i got sick a few years after showing emmastale and gave up weaving 2010

i took up piano and composition learning slow but deep

and also paint ikons and exhibit in the canning pub grove lane and st giles camberwell. i'd like to renew our friendship. and i'd like to ask what you would want for the woven strip i gave you back to me please? i can no longer weaver but would like to stitch the story or a story starting september at a local community college day classes if they'll have me. thanks imma

and thank you for the lovely emma document you did me. 5


Cecilia Montague

You have a talent for creating digital images. The landscapes,figurative work and abstract designs that you have made are strong compositions.

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