This morning while sipping my coffee I had a brief moment of remembrance and thought about my unique hobby that began at a young age: constructing and playing with small figurines that I would build using my grandmother's bread ties ( and eventually when those were depleted I would stuff my pockets with the ones provided by the grocery store whenever my mother would walk us through the bread Isle). As time progressed I developed my own style for making these figures and I often considered myself strange for having this hobby. So as I sat thinking this morning I decided to Google "twist tie sculpture" ; to my shock I saw a picture of this artist's work and immediately reminded me of my own figures (albeit the artist use of color is far more diverse than my own). To the artist I would simply like to say: Thank you so much for publishing your work! It brings me treat joy to know that there is another out there who knows this wonderful skill!



C'est génial! Je vous découvre grâce au site de Junkculture. Et j'adore. J'adore. J'adore. J'adore.


Cecilia Montague

These figures have character. They resemble post-modern toys .The skills required to construct the sculptural forms in this show are very developed- the pieces can stand up without props or plinths!

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