After a paralysing stroke Averil Clifford Rees rebuilt her career by painting with her 'wrong' hand.

My world came apart in 1993 when I had a brain haemorrhage & post-operative severe stroke which left my right-side paralysed. I was in hospital for 13 months. Being right-handed, my world was even more of a mess than ever as my whole right arm was paralysed. It was so frustrating re-learning to draw and paint with my left hand there were times when I almost gave up. Living near the sea in Wales, views I can see are changing all the time - sometimes 'picture postcard', sometimes stormy. I try to get outside most days, but not necessarily to paint 'en plein air'. Painting a view in situ can be quite difficult when one has to carry everything on a wheelchair. I take a camera and sketchbook around with me and back home I can paint my recollection of what I've seen, triggered by the photos and sketches. In 2012 I was joint-prize winner in Royal Cambrian Academy’s Open Exhibition in Conwy, & was Commended in 2013. I have paintings in private collections in Gt. Britain & Ireland, U.S.A, Norway, Sweden, & South Africa & I was featured as a "Success Story" by the magazine "Artists & Illustrators" in February 1998. www.averilcliffordrees.com



Lucia Daramus

Very nice, beautiful, interesting and mysterious paintings.



THANKYOU for re - teaching yourself to paint. Your work is brilliant.


Kara Jane Spencer

Dear Averil, I really love your paintings, and your style. I was browsing through the arts when I came across your work, which I can learn a lot from as a young artist. Well done you for learning to paint again and with the wrong hand. That is truly wonderful :) I've had to learn to paint laying down from my bed, and that has been a challenge enough, so the wrong hand much be very difficult! I look forward to seeing more from you. Do you have any tips from a young artist still in exploratory stages, but who also adores seascapes and landscapes? Many thanks, and best wishes,

Kara Spencer


Daniel Hogg

I was just browsing through other artist's and was stopped in my tracks by your fluid and natural paintings....fantastic!


Anna Barzotti

Dear Averil

I am so glad that you didn't give up. Looking at your paintings today I am inspired. They are stunning to look at and also evoke strong feelings. Many thanks for sharing those and I look forward to seeing more.

Best wishes


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