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I am fortunate to have worked as an artist since I was apprenticed as a lithographic artist at 15. Now, 60 years later I still find I have to 'Take a line for a walk' every day, to quote Paul Klee. In some ways I see this constant need to create as a blessing, as well as a curse. A blessing in that it can be a refuge from the outside world into the world of the imagination. Particularly in the last 2 years, after major surgery and a further health scare and now caring for my partner who is having lengthy medical treatment, the opportunity to step away from these concerns to deal with, and try to resolve a problem with a composition, a technique,, a colour choice, is for me a perfect therapy. The 'curse' as every artist on this website would probably agree, is the struggle to resolve these problems. Having finally retired as a children's author/illustrator. I concentrate largely on printmaking and producing hand bound artists' books in limited editions - as long as I have the strength to operate a large, heavy etching press! Samuel Palmer said "Printmaking is rather like gambling without its guilt and ruin, but just as uncertain and unpredictable." Printmaking techniques I use include: etching, drypoint, woodcut, monoprints and collagraphs, often hand coloured. Subjects to date have been from literature: George Orwell, The King James Bible, myths and legends of the Winchester area, Hampshire hill forts, the peculiarities of contemporary life and the effect of digital technology and social media. Influences on my work are several but include Max Beckmann, George Grosz, Chagall, William Blake and Byzantine icons and wall paintings.




I like the movement and drama in the Winchester Hill painting. So different to your earlier paintings

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