Artist/ creative wrting/ poetry and was a dancer.

HI.HOPE YOU LIKE MY NEW COLLECTION OF ART/ NOW BEING SHOWIN AT BEXHILL ART GALLERY/ ST LEOANARDS ROAD. ALL FOR SALE. I've loved doing art all my life, I'm now disabled/ I'm also bipolar/. , I worked full time and partied hard / . I have paintings floating around the midlands, London, lost amongst my travels. I've done creative writing and poetry. l moved from Peckham in london to Hastings To spend time creating, enjoy my art/photos etc.PLEASE COMMENT. Thanks



Immy hayes

Absolutely beautiful, extremely creative and looks like passion was put in! Can't wait to see more!!


ashley reaks

Hi Sharona

Thanks for your kind words about my art - I'm enjoying looking round your work which is excellent - very vibrant and alive. Keep on making stuff :-)




Thanks for taking time to comment, I really do appreciate it, it brings me joy to my heart and happiness. Gives me enthusiasm to do more and continue.



Jacob Brooke

Loving the art, can't wait to see more!


sue goode

Loving your art.....

I can tell it comes from your heart...

Keep the good work going....



I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful comments, I will continuing to produce new work of paintings, photos and poetry, please enjoy and continue with the lovely comments, some work will be available in the shop soon. Sharona.x


mick Rogers

Great pictures .

looking forward more .


wendie hayes

Love your art.

I have seen a few of your pieces in the Midlands. Very emotional and true to Bipolar. Personally I find Good and Bad days my favourite and will personally inbox you. Your use of contrasting colours is very powerful, and fitting to the moods you feel.

I look forward to seeing more work on this site, accessible to all. Good luck for the future.

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