Sal Fayd

multi-media artists

I see my art practise as containting two different sides: the practical and the critical/social. My practical work is experimental in nature; I create often as a response to materials, techniques and ideas that I've discovered. It's investigative, so the 'art' is often found in the process of making rather than in a finished piece. The critical/social stems from the importance of literature to me. Art writing and art critcism has therefore become a very important part of my work, and often merges with the practical techniques as well. I am deeply interested in the role of collaboration in the arts and try to include myself in as many social programmes as I can. I think this interest in an art which involves and includes multiple people has led me to also feel strongly about the accessibility, or lack thereof, in the arts. I hope to be creating and to be part of projects which try to give voice to all types of people, and which helps to prove that art can be something benefits and enriches them.


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