Nick Muir

Influenced by the Metaphysical, Surrealist, Gothic, Spirituality.

My Grandmother was Irish Catholic and it wasn't until I became an adult did I truly understand how deep her faith ran. I remember there were statues and pictures of Jesus and our lady, Mary mother of God in her bedroom, also around the house were pictures of the then pope along with Jesus the sacred heart. Sometimes especially at the end of the day, I would hear grandmother saying the rosary in her room, all this added to a kind of special atmosphere I remember to this day. I create most my work with her in mind, this is one way I can communicate with her on the other side. God bless nan, I miss you.




I use a number of different medium, theses include, egg tempera, silverpoint, graphite etc.

Before I begin a piece of work I do like to research my technique and my chosen theme and subject. I believe every element and process engages a focused meditative state, its imperative to dig deep within one's self.

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