Meg Miller

Using a variety environmental and organic materials my previous works have traversed over a number of disciplines including drawing, print, installation, performance and sculptural works. Through these methods, my intention has been to explore nature with that which unties us as human beings.

Drawing inspiration from esoteric wisdom of the East and West, my immediate environment and from childhood memories, having grown up on the Isle of Skye. It encompasses the Black Cuillin mountains (jagged & craggy), the Red Cuillins (rotund & breast like), forest, sea & coastline, croft land, the local history, folklore, archaeology and geology. These diverse landscapes are ever changing with the seasons and the weather, altogether quite dramatic and impressionable, shaping my work at a deeper level. Another very significant influence has been the role of apiarist, which continues to fascinate and enthuse. ​ In my current practice I try not to become too fixed on any ideas, instead allow them to manifest under their own steam whilst being aware of any emerging images and patterns. Underlying threads appear to run throughout my works which draw the different subject matters together. On reflection these threads and re-occurring themes have been in existence for most of my life, it has been fascinating to reconcile my differing approaches within a variety of creative pursuits which at present lean more towards performance, installation and sculpture.   ‘The alchemical nature of the divine within all living things’    Meg Miller 2018


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