Alison's New Work Sept 2014

Alison makes her art at Arty Party, Art Studio

I like to paint and draw. I like going to the zoo and watching the animals. And then painting them. I love to work with bright colours





I'm a very proud little brother and all of the art work that you have drawn is amazing keep it up!


Tanya Raabe-Webber

Alison I feel very privileged to be supporting you as an artist in our new Arty Party, Art Studio in Telford. you have a very powerful sense of composition and line to your drawing.

can't wait to see your paintings emerge.


Tim Ridley

Love Kangeroo-Koo, simple but somehow loaded with something intangible.


Cecilia Montague

Your two animal paintings are very strong. They represent the flamingo and kangaroo in a style that can be appreciated for its simplicity.

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