Andrew Omoding

Andrew Omoding was Outside In's Artist of the Month in July 2015

On arrival to London, Andrew did not speak for several years and remained silent. Now much of Andrew’s work involves story telling and performance incorporating both written and spoken language. Andrew weaves, sews, threads, constructs, hammers and screws materials together merging with and becoming part of the work while simultaneously singing and telling a story. Each artwork begins with Andrew buzzing around the studio looking for source materials that start a cog turning in his mind. From there ideas evolve quickly and with a tacit knowledge – Andrew builds his pieces intuitively and there is a clear idea as to where he is taking them and how he wants each piece to be seen and experienced. Over the years, Andrew has matured and gradually found, nurtured and rediscovered his voice, both visual and verbal. Now it is a voice that needs to be heard. Andrew Omading is a studio artist at Action Space



Waltraud Pospischil

I love your artwork! Thanks for sharing all that beautiful ideas and creations, Waltraud


eileen kernick

I think your art is amazing! I am so happy to see that you have found something that brings both you and other people so much pleasure.


Andrew Omoding

I want to come and see my work. I want to come to see again.

My show is on Friday 30th October at Action Space, 3pm -4pm at COCKPIT ARTS, Cockpit Yard, Northington Street, London WC1N

Thankyou please come



gemma Paine

Andrew Love your concept of a wearable book messages can be conveyed in so many different ways.

I creative n fun


Carole Bennett

Hi Andrew

I have just seen that you are the Artist of the Month for July. Well done for that! I have looked at your art on here and it is so unusual. I love the way you weave things together, and the colours that you use. Thank you, Carole


Anthony Stevens

Andrew, I think your work is just wonderful! It really sings to my soul! I hope one day, I will be able to see it in real life rather than on my computer screen. Wishing you many happy years of making. Anthony :)


Kwei Eden

I love the diversity of the materials you use and what you are communicating through your creativity :-)

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