Art making through Physical Imagination

Anthony Stapleton: Creativity: Imagination: Playfulness: Form is made through creative playfulness; imagination fulfils the mind's search; the materials make a new contemplative substance from the relics of presence. The artist intends to draw the eyes, thought, & physical senses (aesthetic), deeper into an awareness of the unconscious mind. He pushes materials in & through the muck of making so as to ponder the underlying reality. Performance, Theatre, Mime, Movement, Dance, Mask, Fool, Circus, Juggler, & Clown underpin his method. The work may resonate forms found in neo-expressionism, abstract expressionism, dada, surrealism, Art Brut, & Outsider Art. But it is not necessarily any of this. Anthony is also interested in the work of Francisco Toledo, Cecil Collins, & Leonora Carrington. And, works in East London


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