Art making through Physical Imagination

Anthony Stapleton, b.1958, is based in North London. His artwork is made through a technique of creative playfulness. The art resonates forms of Neo-expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Dada, Surrealism, & Art Brut. Outsider Art, alchemy, the work of Cecil Collins & Leonora Carrington, influence the ideas & process of the art making. Anthony's method is grounded in performance, physical theatre, mime, movement, dance, masks, the fool, clown, & so on. His creative play has been continuous since childhood where he loved drawing colourful 'monsters'. There is an explosive playfulness with the materials he uses which creates layered & sculptured effects in the images. Expression in visual form comes through the imagination working its way into being. Anthony lives, with his wife Fabiola – who was born in Mexico. He was born in rural Ireland & has lived in the UK since he was 6 years old.


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