Darkness and light

An ex-prisoner from Cornwall with a passion for portrait and figure painting.

I first became interested in art for therapeutic reasons while serving a prison sentence. My paintings are characterised by stark and uncomfortable emotions, exemplified by my use of darkness and light. Now as an ex-offender, I am determined to keep art in my life and always seek new opportunities to develop and showcase my work. I am also interested in supporting arts charities and giving people the second chance that was so important to me.



Jacqui Cavalier

A thousand un-needed words.. your pictures speak. Congrats on artist of the month, well deserved. Jacqui.


Arthur Mactaggart

Andy, thank you for your comment. I'm delighted to be Artist of the Month!

Val, that foundation sounds great! I truly believe creativity helps disadvantaged people in countless ways, and even reduces the risk of prisoners reoffending. You'll be doing great work!



Great Arthur, I just became a trustee for a foundation in Bristol which should help disadvantaged people and prisoners to write and paint...



Great stuff Arthur




Arthur Mactaggart

Thanks for your comments Michael - much appreciated. I'm glad you like my paintings. Just about to head over to your page now!


Michael Banks (Aardvark)

Arthur, as a portrait artist myself, I absolutely love your work. Powerful stuff. I'm also glad that your art helps you too. Keep on doing what you do mate. All the best.


Arthur Mactaggart

Thank you Pinkie - very kind of you.

I will look up Ken Currie.



These are fantastic. Penumbra and Air, in particular. They're terrifying, but wonderful. Have you ever seen the paintings of Ken Currie? I think you would like them.

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