Arthur Mactaggart

Darkness and Light

An ex-prisoner from Cornwall with a passion for portrait and figure painting, and a commitment to promoting the therapeutic effects of creativity.



Arthur Mactaggart

Hi Charlotte and thank you so much for your comments. I am so pleased you appreciated my painting in Cheltenham. It's such a strong exhibition so I'm delighted to still be able to stand out in it.


Charlotte Coombs

I stumbled across your piece "On The Act" whilst at Cheltenham art gallery today. I know it must sound a bit silly but your work really struck me from across the room. I was so seriously in awe! There is something beautifully visceral in all your paintings, you're incredibly talented!


Arthur Mactaggart

Hi RK, I am so pleased you enjoyed seeing my piece when it was at Bristol. It was certainly a 'career' highlight of mine to be featured in the exhibition. Thank you for taking the time to share your generous comments - knowing that the painting was appreciated means such a lot to me.


Arthur Mactaggart

Hi Bernadette, What a kind comment you have left - thank you very much. You have picked out some of the most important themes to me so it means a lot. Mental health is such an important issue and it's great that Outside In is so supportive of raising awareness.


Arthur Mactaggart

Hi Jacqui, thank you for your comment! I definitely think of painting as a form of communication so I'm glad the message has succeeded.


r k

Hi, saw your piece "On The Act" at Bristol Museum". It immediately stood out amongst all the other pieces in the display. It is a very powerful image. I really enjoy your impasto style, handling of the restricted palette and how you captured the atmosphere and emotion of the moment. You have a talent that cannot be taught. I hope to see more of your work.


Bernadette Behan

I keep looking at your work so just thought I'd say thanks, the mix of pain, delicacy, light & dark are moving and add much needed creative exploration and exposure to mental health issues. Hope your work continues to nourish you and enlighten others.


Jacqui Cavalier

A thousand un-needed words.. your pictures speak. Congrats on artist of the month, well deserved. Jacqui.


Arthur Mactaggart

Andy, thank you for your comment. I'm delighted to be Artist of the Month!

Val, that foundation sounds great! I truly believe creativity helps disadvantaged people in countless ways, and even reduces the risk of prisoners reoffending. You'll be doing great work!



Great Arthur, I just became a trustee for a foundation in Bristol which should help disadvantaged people and prisoners to write and paint...



Great stuff Arthur




Arthur Mactaggart

Thanks for your comments Michael - much appreciated. I'm glad you like my paintings. Just about to head over to your page now!


Michael Banks (Aardvark)

Arthur, as a portrait artist myself, I absolutely love your work. Powerful stuff. I'm also glad that your art helps you too. Keep on doing what you do mate. All the best.


Arthur Mactaggart

Thank you Pinkie - very kind of you.

I will look up Ken Currie.



These are fantastic. Penumbra and Air, in particular. They're terrifying, but wonderful. Have you ever seen the paintings of Ken Currie? I think you would like them.

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