Seasons Greetings and encouragement for a weaving in 2015


arze bruz (thanking Cecilia for her comment....i get entertained by my own work!!)

separated by time,distance,health,yet enthusiastically i add that "The Sporran" was created over 3 weeks by weaving cut up strips of painted paper & silvered card ,perforated tin foil and sandwich wrapper from m&S.

My Scots friends John & Johnny inspired the naming of this strange creation.

To my neurologically challenged awareness this has elements of Tartan Patterns plus a Curtain that can drape in front of a national costume.This was wonderful fun to weave & makes me smile whenever it comes to Light and I hang it on a wall

Really must get it framed and behind glass.


Cecilia Montague

Your painting style is quite unique. You have a lovely playful way with the medium.

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