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I had a brain haemorrhage aged 14 in 1978 which left me half paralysed -and the name 'Billybraindamage' as a then wild child- art was my talent but then my drawing hand changed from my right to left hand and had to relearn a lot of things and had a new perspective on life. I do art 24/7 carrying notebooks around drawing and painting life as it goes through my head. My home is my studio at the moment and I attend classes at SLAM and Cooltan Arts but searching for a new place to continue firing and making ceramics. I've always lived in South-east London and I studied at Camberwell College of Arts in the 80s/90s after encouragement from my then girlfriend. I have joined Outside In as want to show my work to more people, more often and to represent myself.




An otherworldly talent of overwhelming intensity.


Aaron Pilgrim.

Hi Billy, I love your work on this website. Keep up the good work, from your Cooltan Arts friend Aaron.


Billy Weston

Hi Steve - good to meet you; liked your art thought it was energetic. Hope can come up to Aberdeen sometime, Billy.


Billy Weston

Hi Ingrid, I sometimes sketch out my ideas for paintings in sketchbooks and sometimes I doodle patterns and designs from my imagination - I take the pen wherever my mind goes and it just flows out like water from a tap; I finish a page and move onto the next - sometimes I draw continuously for hours. Drawing in pen it flows more fluidly and if I paint with a brush it requires more concentration.



Do you plan your work in advance? It seems to be a lot "stream of consciousness", i.e. it just flows out of you. I like it a lot.


Steve Murison

Aye aye Billy. Pleasure to meet you the other week, one of my favourite stalls. Hope we meet again manny.


Billy Weston

Hi All, Thanks for all the Encouraging comments & Observations about my Art Work , much apprieciated - Billy Weston .


Billy Weston

Hi Fred - Yes I am that Billy Weston. Billy Weston


Fred Bradshaw

Hi Bill l like your work

Are you the son of Billy Weston uncles David and Erny from the Old Kent Road and Peckham.?.Fred Bradshaw


peter Killick

hey bill i have found you at last,we were the strange. i love you bill .peter killick still in love .


Debbie Sutton

Hi Billy,

I love how intricate and energetic your work is especially in Drawing,'Billy Nut' and A Visit From Lepke. I enjoyed looking at your website too-you've achieved so much!


john polson

fantastic art work,very imaginetive,lots going on.superb !


cecilia montague

You put a lot of time into your work. Your drawing style translates well into painting.


Carlo Keshishian

Some very intriguing and exciting insights into the world of Billy. Thanks for sharing. Fantabulous stuff.

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