Colin Cameron

Stuckist Painter

Having been a disabled person for most of my life, I’ve long considered myself an outsider. Excused from competitive and recreational sport at school, I would spend the time instead writing and illustrating obscene stories for my own and for select friends’ amusement. My art teachers told me I was rubbish at the subject and, regarding them as authorities, I believed them. I continued to write and draw, however, because I enjoyed it, it amused me, and the stuff I produced made people laugh. Over the years I’ve had a few cartoons and things published in disability arts journals and online forums (as well as serious academic stuff). A few years ago a friend introduced me to acrylics and I have been messing around with them since. I paint absurdly because life is absurd. Being able to see that clearly is one of the best things about being disabled.



Algernon 'Butters' Moncrief

Never before has such an enlightening and powerful collection been put together before by a man so profoundly talented as Dr CC Rider.

His oeuvre defies description and can only be experienced.

the world owes a debt.

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