I am a 40 year old artist from south east London with a long history of mental illness. Having been detained under the mental health act on 3 occasions I have witnessed the nature of a variety of institutions and draw my inspiration from those I have met during my admissions. My aim is to investigate the face and its communications repeatedly in order to draw out the poetry of stasis. I want to engage with the vision I have of the conditions under which I have been kept safe. I do not seek to rob the image of its meaning, but to emphasise the context in which each image functions as a cipher. I have worked for 14 years on this same construct and have drawn comfort from the simple act of drawing.



Darren Adcock

love these a lot, make me feel a discomfort that also feels like a celebration. Drawing! Thank you for sharing.


Cecilia Montague

Your sequence of portraits are mysterious. The modelling of the head of this "Cipher" is very strong. I like the way that this 'creature' evolves and then dissolves.

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