the style is the space between the lines of the words which cannot be spoken out loud.

Imagine for a moment what it takes to return to the source of one’s trauma. Drawn from within, its forms explore what were once irreducible elements, but rather than being a source of loneliness trauma empowers creation. Like blank paper, catharsis for me was a profound emptiness. Emptiness is a sacred space. Emptiness is where one’s work begins. Emptiness is where one’s vital energy converts chemistry of mind to alchemy of spirit. It is a path to where trauma and love meet in harmony. To arrive at the source, one must relive one’s pain, humiliation, and anxiety from deep within the hidden recesses of the body’s memory. In my determination to heal I touched the node, the ultimate link between life and death. Each of my forms, images and drawings comes from the furthest extreme of pain, from the brink of madness. Born of trauma, emotion and will they are as much a discovery as they are my odyssey. What was struggling to reveal itself, banging against my ribs all these years, was vital energy buried deep within the guts of my work. Today, the atonement of my trauma does not come through completion of my work but through the dialogue of healing it offers for me and the viewer.



Jenny Aldridge

Hi. Dave. Yes. You see the knack that art gives, the hook into ourselves.....that access and handle on what “we” are.....and who, whom we, you, can become. I always see life as pictures......I started art 20 odd years ago so that the blur in my head could become clarity. I worked sooooo hard at this translation from head to paper....I worked soooo hard. The pen became me.....the world I saw through skin, my skin. At times what I thought I saw.....I realised I did see....but of course I was called “mad”. But I saw....because there was the evidence on the paper. The clarity. Confidence Dave. Never doubt what you see. People may not believe, or they might not see....but YOU saw. If YOU saw, then reality is yours. What is reality. A tablet, a hospital bed, catatonic doctors.....who knows? But you saw. Yes. I love your work. Jenxxxxx


Phil Baird

Dear Dave thank you for these blessings of drawings great stuff and titles. And also your blog hit many good spots. Like your ideas on Outsider Art and the possible opportunities for healing through image making an the poetic imagination, There is also a new movement happening and I hope from within art schools that of the fashion for issue based art that peoples mental states and conditions can not only be expressed but also formed into a strong art form of design and a sort of order be created that works therapeutically and as a viable and respected art form. I hope to meet up at an Outside in event Thank you from Phils Baird.


Waltraud Pospischil

It is awesome and groundbreaking. I still get PTSD inhibitions to reach complete memories or artistic visualizations of my traumatic experiences. But I found some "rabbit hole" into which I descended, where I paint putting magic and love into everything.


JoEllen Pittl

Incredible work! The detail is unbelievable!


Dave Mutnjakovic













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