my work as a creative artist - Outside In's Artist of the Month December 2014


I change my work as I adapt to different conditions as everyday appears to me to be a different understanding to embrace, my work can often shoot of in strange directions




I love these, so playful and childlike but there is a darkness too. Intriguing.



I like the sperm and sputnick one . Great David. Keep up the good work.



Interesting work David. It was good to meet you and I look forward to following your journey.



Your work is very very powerful

Love it


Julia M Oak

David your work is excellent, I love so much of it from the faces to the trees. I think it is your colour pallette, the frosty overtones and the organic browns and oranges, they work well with your subject matter. They make me pause and ponder, which a lot of srt does not do.


John Jennings

These are powerful brooding images full of subtlety and depth. For all the decay there is a lightness of touch in the way you have created these works and a great sense of joy comes from them.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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