The Sexual Intellectual and/or The Avatar of Absurdity

EMCO is an artist living in a shack on five acres in the Mojave Desert of Southern California USA. His combines are often informed by and consist of items from illegal dumping and animal parts he finds on walks on and around his property. He created Gallery Gulch as a permanent installation on his arid land, the gulch is filled with combines that he lets cure in the harsh desert climate. EMCO's drawings/paintings exude a raw, rude and visceral primitivism of unique intensity. His selcouth muse comes from living off-the-grid in the elemental climate of Pearblossom, CA - where he realizes that electricity and water are never to be taken for granted and that death is always imminent. 'My work is neither pretty nor esculent' - EMCO Contact: emmycollins5@gmail.com



The Volcano

Aloha Art Fans!

Thanks greatly for the recent inquiries RE prices of my creations.

Please contact me directly for more information and availability of works shown here and over fifty other pieces that are not pictorially represented on this site.

I am relocating by the year 2020 and many of the works will be sold and/or destroyed before my move.

I am my own gallery (GALLERY GULCH), curator and representative.



Phone/Text: 213.858.8347 (USA)

Email: emmycollins5@gmail.com




IMDB.COM (search: Emmy Collins)


Karin & Warren

For us, Emmy's work explores the relationship between consumerist fetishism and daytime TV. With seeming influences as diverse as Cpt. Beefheart and the Monkees, new tensions are created from both mundane and transcendant layers.

As spatial phenomena become transformed through diligent and critical practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the limits of our culture. 

What starts out as Emmy's vision soon becomes manipulated into a manifesto of lust, leaving a tremendous sense of decadence and the very likelihood of a new synthesis.

Great work, Emmy, keep on doing it!


Joey Allgood

I love how Emmy's art makes my eyes wander in wonder, soaking in new details each time I explore the canvas.


Willo Hausman

I am a newly converted fan of Emmy's art-work, though I have been an admirer for some many years of his witty humor, quirky character, intriguing personality, rare perspective and unique hip vibe. All of these qualities have naturally transferred over to his drawings and paintings. Kudos! I look forward to seeing more of your work as you continue forward.


Colin Hambrook

EMCO's 'My Sun is a Pussy' equals anything that Tristan Tzara and the Dada movement had to say about the value and import of creative expression.


Paul Cullum

My feeling is that artists are not people who live in the thick of society, attend its parties, reap its spoils, exploit its weaknesses, trade on its power or sleep on its couches. They are people who brave the elements or force themselves inside themselves to harvest their raw material or document what they find. By those criteria, you are the greatest artist I know. Anyone can use their talents to make their life a little more inhabitable. Not everyone can stomach the life apart required of your chosen profession. We who sit idle salute you.


Jason White

This is my favorite kind of art, and Emmy does it as well as anyone. At one glance it teases the eye while the next glance it pleases the eye. There is always something new to discover each time you look at one of his pieces no matter how many times you've already admired it.


Suzy Q

Emmy is a gifted, talented creator. And when I say creator, I don't mean in the religious sense, even though he has better hair (and glasses) than Jesus. He's a Kool Guy with lot of Neat Hats - hope to see all the works in person one day soon!


Jacobine van der Meer

EMCO is an artist LIVING. Paint, dirt, debris, words,sound,his own body are just a few of EMCO's materials he manipulates with playful ease into pieces that brim with life in all its facets.

No lofty theorization here, this is the real deal!


Scott Stoddard

Emmy's brilliance isn't learned. He is without inhibition, without artifice. His work is not intended for those who take Art too seriously. It's fun, irreverent, almost always sexual (why not?)... even when he's the last to know it. A celebration of bodily function without form, decay without death, for its own sake, this is physical art, muscular and unapologetic. More Bukowski than Beat, the freedom celebrated here is not so much a stream-of-consciousness striving for nirvana than the earthy joy of a really good dump.


Scottie D.

For Years, I've followed the art career of Emmy Collins. Most would be scared or puzzled by his Art. Personally, I'm beyond intrigued and Emmy keeps me guessing piece after piece. Keep up the weirdo art please. xoxox, SD


Neill Calabro

Dooder, this stuff is really good. So, I'm gonna call you a liar and say Bean did this.

You've gone a few feet closer to acceptance in pop culture. You oughta back up.


Cecilia Montague

Your art works make a strong rebellious statement towards the restrictions placed on people generally and on what they try to create. The show of drawings and paintings and sculptural ideas that you have recorded are fascinating.


mike mccarthy

Emmy Collins early works are brilliant. His later works are not. I am not confident which period these pieces are from. I will say that for a man who has no prison record, this work has an illegal vibe. I am not going to sit on a fence about this work, for what is a fence in Emmy Collin's hands, but a found object, ready to objectify or electrify, to transmogrify, but never to clarify. Yerz, Mike McCarthy

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