Ekaterini Koliakou

Abstract expressionist figurative art

Art to me means self-expression attached to a concrete dream, a self-development, a therapy, a mission; the framework that becomes a solid bond in my heart. To make art is to unite people, to beautify environment and surroundings, to open up my horizons, to express instinctively the youthful spirit, a wishful production. The influence of my art: travelling around the globe collecting stimulant experiences, knowledge. The special thing about it is the originality of my spontaneous and direct work, authentic and orthodox, a personal love movement.



Juliette Goddard

Dear Ekaterini Koliakou,

Very Nice work indeed was nice to meet you at the Royal Academy "In Practice" Lectures supporting Joe.

well done on your art work.



Seem. Like a funny pic looks like 1 sister is a princess and the other sister is angry jelous sister beautiful colour in both pic like to see more.


John C C

Wonderful colour mixes as usual on tour uplifting works. Now some couples too, (and Mr Master).



Dear Katerina,

Your work on paintings is gorgeous!!!! With flashy coulors and vivify shapes!! Continue this excellent work with the smell of the pioner air and know that I will always support you!!!

With love, Tanya


Ekaterini Koliakou

Dear Jon,

Thanks that you appreciate my work. I must inform you that Sunny Girl and Black/White painting have been sold in June 2015. I will soon download my recent work. Keep in touch. Thanks Again.


Jon Djon

I like very much your paintings. I like especially the two big untitle womens and the minimalistic b&w and "sunny girl".

I hope you will upoload more.

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