These are my "doodles". They must meet certain criteria or else I reject them and re-start. I doodle when I'm bored or very sad. I have Aspergers Syndrome. I like routines and can find patterns in things. I have experienced panic attacks for many years - on public transport and when I'm overwhelmed or scared. I do not cope well with sudden changes to plans or routines, and my senses are sometimes hypersensitive and I get huge headaches. I like learning languages and can speak Japanese and some Chinese. I lived in Japan for a year as part of my degree, and also spent a summer in China teaching English and translating for the other volunteers. I also know some Spanish and am trying to learn Malay. I want to learn Tibetan too. I'm trying learn how to live with my emotions without the aid of medication, and it's proving quite a challenge. The watermark on my doodles says "Smile" in Japanese, and is pronounced "e-gao" I find computers more logical and easier to understand than people. Doodles on canvas coming soon...



Michele Gray

You are an amazing and compelling creative talent. Wow!


Vivi-Mari Carpelan

So beautiful, should be used as fabric designs and more!


Neil Milton

I find myself grasping for mathematical terms...


Cecilia Montague

The studies that you create are interesting to meditate on because each design has a defined centre point to it. These doodle drawings are very harmonious compositions.



It may be no real comfort for you, but I believe that one day in the future our present society will be condemned for failing to appreciate, or even to understand, that people with talents such as yours are under-appreciated, under-used and generally rejected. Talents that are only hinted at in the quality and intricacy of the illustrations that you produce.

I consider it a privilege to know you, Em, and I feel sure that you are on your way to breaking through the barriers that seem to block you out of society.

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