Clay handling for a positive emotional change.

Clay for better mental health. Exploring clay as a therapeutic tool for personal healing and recovery. I'm an artist and arts facilitator working with clay. I'm also and before anything else a mum of two wonderful daughters. My youngest one - Evie will always stay 22, after tragically losing two years long battle with Borderline Personality Disorder. Today, two years on I'm still trying to find my way out of the rubble of broken universe which I'm left in after such tragic loss. There is no preparation, guidelines or instruction book on how to process and deal with such a tragedy. We must each find our own path of acceptance and deal with it in our own ways. It is tempting to lead a path to self-destruction, lose hope and simply give up. But fighting and confronting the unfair and unjust will hopefully lead to the understanding that we crave. Through clay, I attempt to see shape, structure, emotion and myself portrayed in a functional form. To me it's relatable, a moment captured in time, a measurement of where I was to where I am now. After staying twice in psychiatric hospital and several terrifying visits to A&E, I still spend days craving the embrace of a handful of pills to end the turmoil. Bury myself as best as I can in a bottle of wine to take the edge off and fight the overwhelming anxiety that sweeps over me like an unwanted visitor. But I fight on, focus on my art as and when my mind allows me and battle each day towards an understanding of both the loss of my daughter and my own sense of worth. My work is a visual record of both feelings and emotions, drawn from my own personal journey and experiences. An amalgam of Universal human perception and the intimate, unique personal moments that define us all. Every object I create is a crystallization of emotion, a reflection of the whole world formed within me, cycles of grief and joy, isolation and intimacy, reality and perception, a focused moment in time somewhere between the beginning and the end. Clay is my medium of choice, allowing me to capture and express the moment with the immediacy of a single touch. An instant translation from thought to substance, a conduit for the rawest of emotions. The work itself is symbiotic. A collaboration between heart, mind and physical touch. As each new piece takes form, the direction may change, the journey rerouting me down the most surprising of hidden pathways where I may abandon the initial agenda to endorse the concept and accept the final destination offered by clay itself.



Arthur Mactaggart

Beautiful and moving work. I completely agree about art not having to be pretty or scenic- the raw emotions in your pieces come through very clearly. Wonderful and inspiring stuff - wishing you continued strength.


Max Frances

This stuff is amazing. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to put your gallery address on my facebook artist's page so people I know can see it.



Beautiful work.

Fulfilling your childhood dream through adversity is an inspiration.

Thank you for sharing your story.


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