Gerald Shepherd

Meditative painting, surrealism, abstract, sequence art, landscapes and portraits

Gerald Shepherd is a painter,‭ ‬graphic artist,‭ ‬sculptor,‭ ‬digital/multimedia artist,‭ ‬photographer and‭ ‬writer.‭ ‬He has also been involved with science art,‭ ‬performance art,‭ and conceptual art (‬as well as peripheral creative pursuits such as garden design‭)‬. He won awards while still at school and also had his first theatre piece performed at this time.‭ ‬However he is largely self taught and right from the outset of his career in the early Seventies has employed extremely novel approaches to picture making‭; ‬often using mathematics or scientific models to process image sequences across an extended picture plane.‭ ‬He subsequently explored the use of musical formats like sonata and theme and variation forms to sequentially develop images and ideas as well combining visual art with his theatrical and literary interests to create new forms of narrative painting.‭ ‬Gerald Shepherd coined the term Ionist Art in‭ ‬1976‭ ‬to cover this work and then began to use the more descriptive term of Meditative Process Art in the early Eighties.‭ ‬He has continued to experiment with evolving and elaborative structures to the present day. At the end of the last Century the artist began an extended series of landscape and portrait paintings which combine observation with the sequential and developmental formats of his earlier pieces.‭ ‬These pictures are holistic and multi layered portrayals of people and the natural world using symbols,‭ ‬signs and abstracted figurative images to present a broad spectrum of ideas and information associated with the subject matter.‭ ‬He also produces entirely conventional paintings and drawings,‭ ‬initially to commission but now only for relaxation. Gerald Shepherd's early work in the Seventies was extremely experimental using a wide range of materials not normally associated with art making.‭ ‬He then worked in pencil and acrylic medium for some time before working almost exclusively in oils,‭ ‬acrylic and related media.‭ ‬At the beginning of this decade he resumed his childhood passion for photography and also began to experiment extensively with digital art and multimedia. Instinctively drawn to the principles of Jainism since a child,‭ ‬Gerald Shepherd is passionately interested in animal welfare and wildlife conservation and his political views lean heavily to the left.‭ ‬His other interests include physics and chemistry,‭ ‬zoology and botany,‭ ‬archaeology,‭ ‬history,‭ ‬geography,‭ ‬mythology,‭ ‬music and horticulture.



Stephen Wey

Love Comptom Acres especially

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