James Wan

Bold, colourful, impressionistic

James Wan (born 15/09/1940) is a Jamaican-born British artist based in Todmorden West Yorkshire. James began his creative journey with a childhood interest in art and painting, however was only able to begin creating art at later stages in his life once he had re-located to Britain. James has been producing paintings (his primary interest) in various styles and mediums, drawings, sculptures, and prints since the 1970s, and he graduated with a diploma in Fine Art from Bradford Art College in 1976. The 1970s was James’ most prolific creative period. After a relative pause in his artistic activities between 1998 and 2017, James has re-entered the art world and has been producing paintings and drawing at his West Yorkshire home and at the Northlight Studio in Hebden Bridge, with the help and support of the studio’s teacher Dorothy Ann Simister. James’ painting style is bold, colourful, and impressionistic. The influence of the great 20th century painters can be seen clearly in the work he has created over the decades.


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