Fat Pony - Unique Folk Art animals

Jason was chosen as Outside In's Artist of the Month in April 2014

I have been creating my ceramic animals for 8 years. I have a unique round Folk-Art style. My favourite animals to draw, paint and sculpt are horses and ponies. I also sculpt African animals, dogs (also wolves, foxes and jackals), cats (including big cats such as tigers) and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. I also make papier mache sculptures of my round animals which dangle from a loop of twine. I have started making prints based on my animals and so far they are quite popular ,the print of Anubis is my favourite! I had my plump ceramic animals displayed alongside the amazing mythical animals made by Japanese artist Shinichi Sawada, Japanese painter Masao Obata and fellow English artist Chaz Waldren in the Intuitive Folk exhibition. My studio name is Fat Pony. I can be found on Facebook and Twitter under the name Fat Pony folk-art. I have Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, all of which make daily social activities and independent living quite difficult. I hope you enjoy my artwork. Jason Pape



Amanda Francis

I am a great admirer of Jason's work and priverlidged to own several of his sculptures which i will treasure forever.


Sheila Campbell

Jason, I was privileged to be able to see and touch your artwork today & I love all the other work I've seen on the website. You appreciate our handmade Hamiltons chocolates & I truly appreciate your artistic interpretations. Brilliant!


Alice Carey

Dear Jason,

I have been studying the history of 18th Century farmer Robert Bakewell, and the enormous animal portraits that were popular in his day.

I came across your Suffolk Punch in the Outside In exhibition at Pallant House. I really love it- it makes me think of the historic livestock paintings. I wonder if you are familiar with them?

I wish you all the best with your work,

kind regards



Tim Harper

Jason. I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your artwork today.

It reminded me of early work by Mackenzie Thorpe and also of Govinder. The colours and design are unique and very appealing.

I Look forward to seeing some of your sculptures in the future.


Julia Micklewright

We at ASPIE all love Jason's animals. They are so colourful and lovely to touch.


Cecilia Montague

In your on-line show your ceramic works are very solid. You express your ideas in a humourous way . The figures of animals that you model in an exaggerated way ,in clay and paint ,are original.

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