Whilst I was at school I realised that I liked drawing more than painting. I had not drawn for years. I was introduced to a group where I met other people who were interested in other forms of art. Artist Colin Riches encouraged us to try other mediums and I soon began to get interested again. I now have three pictures on the go at one time and worked on them until I decide it's finished. I like to have lots of fine detail and things to stand out. It is also very relaxing for me and enjoyable. I would like to thank Pallant House for letting me exhibit my work on their website.



Jennifer Petford

thank you it is easy to draw pictures I like. I find other people enjoy looking at them, and see more in the pictures than I do.

I find it very calming drawing. I am producing work daily. Although I have found enjoyment with patterns lately.Using colour and black on white backgrounds.


Cecilia Montague

These are very fine drawings .You are fluent at your practise. Each piece has got details and a sense of depth that draws the eye in and allows it to wander around the picture plane. Your choice of intimate scenes with children,your own belongings, or children's favourite cartoon characters and other objects ,gives your work its originality.

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