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I was born in Birmingham in 1952. I am a retired fire fighter due to ill health which started in 1991. I am a poet first of all but I make short films. I paint, I take photographs, I have always kept sketchbooks and have on line blogs. I have been doing art like most of us have since childhood. Now with the digital age I have embraced the internet and computer. My work is defiantly autobiographical a self portrait on my life upbringing and family. I was on the 4th Plinth in One & Other in 2009 reading my poetry and talking about family and family history. The Field Is a series of photographs taken over the past eighteen years in a local field to where I now live. I have mounted them in small perspex frames. In wanted to show the changes in myself and the location which is a field in Warwickshire. I try to take a picture every day but always from the same place the field. Sometimes the photograph includes people who are visiting the field, walking their dogs or just walking on the footpath that runs around the boundary of the field. They may just be my friends visiting me or other people visiting neighbours. The work I want to display in the Outside In would consist of a wall of these images to produce a iconostasis. I have never exhibited these images but they are shown in my blog and on an image based web site. I feel it is a statement on how everything changes including our health and our feeling of place in the world. Amid all these changes it is also a statement on things continuing. Please remember my submission would be a wall of small images ranged from similar images that I have taken over ten years. In June 2015 I took The Field inside St Peter's Church, Hanwell Village for #Hanfest where I showed a movie and the children were allowed to play with the light and the wheat. I returned the crop to The Field after two days. Now in 2018 I continue on with the series which I had decided t end two years ago. It is hard to stop a habit.




*THE* FIELD is a thing of BEAUTY :D


Cecilia Montague

I have enjoyed looking at your photographs and think that you have an ability to express yourself through the medium of photography/computer technology. The way you have represented this idea- the figures,yourself, the animals and of course the landscape, day after day is both entertaining and inspiring.



LOVE The Field Photos! Always something going on in that field!



Wow These are great images. We cannot wait to see the full final wall of images. and what a great idea.

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