John Taylor

Drawing figures.

I took up drawing after a working life in academia. I found that my subject was people. Many of my figures move fast or in daring ways, while others are engrossed in one thing, or stare around them. Some drawings are hard to read, others simpler. I like to bring together youth and age, dynamism and stillness, bewildering activities, enchantment, play, rapt attention, inexplicable conjunctions and fierce pain. I lost a leg when a young man and have had a constant phantom limb pain ever since. Drawing distracts me. I use ink and in more recent drawings I use water-soluble ink and colours. I feel my drawings, though fanciful, are about something real, such as groups in flow, in opposition, in joint enterprise, in conflict, with people of all ages weaving around one another, sometimes with one purpose, other times not, or with no purpose. Some are gentle and playful, others are the opposite, most are a mixture, with pain or isolation evident somewhere. I like Dutch 17th century art of everyday life, and the fantastical art of those times.



Lynda. ( oil painting)

Wonderful use of colour John - and you certainly have a very distinctive style. I really like your work.


Pippa Stilwell

Amazing drawings - I loved 'what was that?' and the cat and chaotic picture. And the choir. They are all great. So nice you are using colour.


Matthew Meadows

Your drawings are wonderful, and thank you for allowing us to enjoy them - they certainly deserve a wider audience!


John Taylor

I make art about people alone and in groups, or alone in groups. Some are having fun, some are not. Some are living their lives a little distant from their bodies, others are flexing and using their bodies.

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