Daisy Rose

June Artist of the Month 2016

June's Artist of the Month is Daisy Rose, who produces colourful drawings. Here we ask Daisy Rose a few questions about her practice. 

When and how did your interest in art develop?

I have always been interested in art.

What influences your art?

I look through books.

What process do you go through when you are creating a piece (starting with the initial idea)?

I pick up a pencil and a rubber in case I get it wrong. I like people and animals and faces.

Which artists, if any, have you drawn inspiration from?

I like looking at all sorts of different artists.

Do you have a favourite piece? If so, which one and why?

My favourite is the dolphins, because I like dolphins!

What do you hope the viewer gets from your work?

I hope the viewer is interested.

What has been the highlight of your artistic career?

All of my achievements!

(A Platinum and a Gold Koestler Award, artwork exhibited in the Koestler North East regional exhibitions ‘Reflections’ 2013 and ‘LOUD’ 2016 at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art)

Has being a part of Outside In been beneficial for you? If so, how?

Yes, it’s made me feel happier!

What is next for you as an artist?

Having my work taken by Outside In to the Art Fair in Paris in October!


See more of Daisy Rose's work by visiting her online gallery