Outside In chose Kate Bradbury to be Artist of the Month for April 2012

When I wake up in the morning it's like getting dressed. I pick up my powerdrill and hacksaw and with hands still inky from late night scribblings, I set the house to singing and shaking. One day I would like to give up my job making sandwiches and spend every waking hour with a hammer, pen or ukelele in my hand. And every sleeping hour too, if possible!



Drew Fox

Hey Kate, thank you so much for the fantastic comment you left on my gallery! Seeing your amazing work at the journeys exhibition last month had a big effect on me and has been a great inspiration for my latest work! Your work is just so beautiful!


Nick reece

Am trying to contact Kate Bradbury to ask her permission to use Railroad Jim's name for my band!and image(with copyrights of course) I was so impressed by the radical craft exhibition (I am an artist and musician myself)I thought it was the most inspirational and yet sensitive show I've seen for a long long time!!congratulations to all involved...I'd like to get involved myself,somehow!!cheers Nick Reece..






I love your work. I just found it through the shop. The first group of angels, angels have been very important throughout my whole life, is my favourite. I am looking very much forward to seeing more of what you do in future.

Best wishes from a fellow artist,




Dear Kate, I have purchased "Peace in the Valley" last week at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris, and I just wanted to tell you how beautiful I find this piece, and how much happy I am to see it every day at home! I find your drawings amazing, so rich and so peacefull, bringing nice emotions. "Echo" is especially beautiful. I hope you will manage to dedicate yourself fully to your art as you wish it, I think you deserve it! Best wishes, Jerome


Su Moberly

A worthy winner indeed!


Regina Lafay

Your work is inspiring. The use of found materials and the way you assemble them to create such raw and interesting works of art is fantastic. Kudos to you and congratultions on your win!


Chloe Shalini

Wonderful & unique!!



I saw 'where has all the bird song gone?' at Pallant this afternoon. Beautiful work Kate. Do you sell your work? Best wishes. Cremmen


Dear Ms Bradbury, it is a great privildge to be exhibiting with you both at The London Outside in and the National I am so pleased that you are also an award winner. A few years ago I bought a box of your little birds from the Novas show;Very best wishes for your future career. From Phil Baird.


Rose Knox-Peebles

I was so pleased to meet you at the Opening on Thursday, and I love Jolly Bob Storm.

I hope to see some of your smaller drawings sometime - I have no wall space left!

best wishes



Cecilia Montague

The show of works that you have drawn ,sculpted,assembled and generally 'hammered' together is wonderful.Your figures are very handsome, the drawings are very beautiful and the level of craftswork in your creations is outstanding.

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