Senior Editor of Raw Vision magazine, Julia Elmore, reviewed Outside In artist Kate Bradbury's small solo exhibition for Raw Vision Magazine. It was held at the Julian Hartnoll Gallery, London and was titled 'Drawing Splinters - Knitting Bones'

This solo show of works by self- taught artist and musician Kate Bradbury follows on from her in the Outside In: London exhibition, where she was selected as one of just 8 artists from almost 800 submissions.

There is something compelling about the complex labyrinthine depths of Bradbury’s monochrome creations that draws the viewer right into the heart of her works. Fingerprint faces populate visionary drawings in ink on Chinese paper that send the mind off on visual journeys, along unexpected paths, past electricity pylons and winged creatures.

Bradbury’s larger drawings require repeat viewing in order to come close to taking in every detail. The spiraling patterns of The Smell of Smoke Never Lets go of a Fire Damaged Life are like a vortex, with a repetitive, rhythmical sense of music about them and shapes that hint at the twisted brass of a French horn. Smaller works could easily be illustrations from a surrealist novel. In The Dust Gatherer, a fanciful character with the body of a whirlwind stands centre stage, but gazes off into the distance. Steps lead to the top of an impossibly complex architecture which could equally be the curling pages of a book. Beyond this, a sea of infinite pattern. A row of Bradbury’s Angels and Dervishes-sculptural works fashioned from abandoned belongings: biscuit tins, chess pieces, knitting Patterns – danced in the window of the gallery, hinting at the depths of this unassuming artist’s multifarious life.

Image: Kate Bradbury, Detail of a Dervish