A Kuriologist

Mixed medium assemblage paper mache decoupage

Following actual physical assaults, death threats, threats of physical violence, criminal damage to my property & then vehicles, destruction of my businesses, threats made to my family, friends & tenants, an attempted extortion,& an online hate campaign, (which is why I don't use Facebook). ALL as a result of a relentless orchestrated & instigated Cornwall authority driven homophobic hate campaign vendetta started by Devon & Cornwall police in 2004, the adverse effects of which are still continuing unabated to this day. Housebound through cognitive condition from 2007, in 2011 I was clinically forensically assessed by consultant psychiatrist as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Catastrophic Trauma, Severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks & a form of Agoraphobia & was placed to rot in the DWP ESA severe disability benefits group. Behind closed doors - 'Out of sight out of mind' - Housebound, not ONE Cornish authority, health provider or statutory service in Cornwall would lift a finger to assist a diagnosed cognitively disabled gay man so embedded are homophobic attitudes & practices among Cornwall's professional? organisations. In 2015 after a severe health scare & following some independent research of my own about PTSD among Gulf war veterans I set about getting myself a trained dog to act as a psychiatric assistance canine. I now have a wonderful animal sourced from a local dog welfare charity, have lost two stone & leave the house daily. However, this is only a self-devised coping strategy, not a cure for the institutional homophobia which maligns me. Throughout my decade of being housebound I kept myself busy by teaching myself to sculpt using whatever I could get my hands on that was cost effective. I could no longer paint due to panic attacks. These panic & severe anxiety attacks after failed attempts by police to prosecute me for legitimate & lawful male nude paintings. They (police) had to admit both in Magistrates Court & in an Independent Police Complaints Commission partial investigation, that there were NO illegal images. Just for the record & this Cornish authority homophobia is a massive negative influence upon my art, my health & my life, because of my experience of relentless homophobic attitudes & hate crime practices still protected within in Cornish authorities. As a result, there is NOT ONE single Devon & Cornwall police officer who draws breath who I as a gay man would trust in my home anymore than I would a criminally convicted rapist, multi-murderer or drug dealer.



peter fox

Impressive work.

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