Liam Hassan-Beserekumo

Outside In chose Liam Hassan-Beserekumo as Artist of the Month for May 2013

I am a self-taught artist with learning disabilities, and six years experience in painting and drawing. I specialize in semi-abstract painting, figurative images and landscapes, working from a studio that I rent in South-East London. I tend to work in phases, producing many paintings of a similar style for several months and then move on to the next idea. All of my work is untitled as I think that titles limit the interpretation of the pieces and I like to hear what each individual thinks they can see in my paintings. This is often completely different from what I had imagined when I created the piece, but this is the great thing about abstract art: there can be as many different interpretations as there are viewers. I produce my art as part of what I call ‘thought-therapy’ and I first started to paint to help relax my mind and emotions and channel them into a positive creative process. 2012 has been a very busy year for me. I was a joint winner of a ‘Diamond Jubilee competition’ and exhibited a special series of five paintings in the Tate Modern. I've had one painting on display in Philadelphia, USA as part of a competition for disabled artists from all over the world, and earlier in the year I was the only artist with a disability to show a selection works at The Rickshaw Gallery in London. I have shown many paintings at several other exhibitions this year. Currently I am developing a workshop for others with learning disabilities, to teach them some of my skills and show how rewarding, creating your own art can be.



Lorna Robinson

Cousin Liam i am so proud of you.

Lorna x


Cecilia Montague

The painting style that you have is strong. You have a style that is individual.


Marion Fletcher

Love your abstract paintings and your eye for colour especially no.1 3 7 & 9



jonathan peirson

I am loving the colours , i especially like untitled 2 , 3 and 8.

8 being my favourite. Cheers.

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