Born in December 1947 near Lisbon, Portugal, Manuel joined the fire brigade as a volunteer at a young age. His life's ambition was to be in the army, and many of his works reflect this passion for army transportation; depicting helicopters, aeroplanes, motorbikes and boats. His work is also inspired by politics and everything he sees on TV - but most of it comes straight from his colourful imagination. Both as a member of ArtVenture (a creative day centre for adults with learning difficulties) and with his family, Manuel travels to London to explore galleries and exhibitions. His spare time is filled almost solely with his making of art but, with no sense of time, he just continues to create, making four or five images in the space of a few hours. His work helps him to expose his unique view of the world, and he is continuously creating; a drawing, a ceramic, a painting. Since he was selected as one of six Outside In Award Winners in 2012, Manuel's artistic career has gone from strength to strength. He now has work in several collections, including the famous Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne, has had a feature on his work in Raw Vision Magazine, and has been represented at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris.



Rose Knox-Peebles

Dear Manuel

they are such wonderfully fishy mermaids - I hope to see more at Pallant House soon.

I particularly love the motor-bike - driving over the roof-tops - somebody actually did this on the roof of a big empty house near us - but yours is far more exciting and beautiful

best wishes



Alison Leeper

Love your work, Manuel, please keep on drawing, painting and making! One day I hope to see some of your work for real, rather than online.


Nelly Jeanne

Manuel, you are such a star! It has been amazing to have the chance to see your work becoming stronger each and every week, at Artventure. You are a real artist and would so much enjoy the opportunity to share your creativily with a large public. Good luck to you, Manuel...


Cecilia Montague

It is brilliant to see the theme of the Mermaid evolving in your drawings and paintings. You have created a show of works for Outside In that is both funny and up-lifting to view. The bicycle sculpture has a similar fantastical appeal to it as your drawing "Motorbike". You are a talented artist!

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