Outside In's Artist of the Month May 2015

My art was an outlet to start with and a way to express how I was feeling at the time. I include themes of nature with an organic feel in my work. My art gave me a focus and I was happy when I was doing it. I hope to start my creative flow again.



Rob S

Great to finally see your work on show to the public.

Take care Martin.


David James

I think your art is really good. Who inspires you? It would be interesting to know

From David

Have a nice life



Martin your work is so amazing, you should be really proud of what you have achieved with it. Keep up the good work!!!!


Martin Phillimore

It means a lot thankyou


Martin phillimore

Thankyou so much I appreciate that you like my work.


Blair McCormick

WOW really like your art ,you should start your flow again if you haven't already.all the best B.

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