Nathan James

I have been drawing since the age of 5, maybe even earlier. I'm not sure, but art has always been my passion. I am fascinated by the process of creating art and transferring whats in my head into a tangible image or form. I have interests in all types of creative endeavors. What I love most is drawing from imagination, making up my own characters and developing my own style of art. Major influences have been Japanese anime, comic art, street/graffiti art, and more. When I draw I feel truly centered, calm and at peace. I enter a state of flow and almost feel that I am working in accordance with the universe. Usually, I never know what i'm drawing before I start, or how its end result will look, the image develops as I am drawing.




I love your artwork even from your early days. I have you work hanging up in my house and hoping that one day maybe you will be able to design some artwork for my children whom both have Autism which is represented by puzzle shapes. Well keep being inspired.

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