Nigel Kingsbury

Nigel is fascinated with a female figure and form. Sometimes he draws from memory, other times Nigel will draw someone who is in the same room as him, especially if it is someone new. He tends to draw women he likes. Nigel has developed a set approach to his work: he always starts with drawing the hair first and sets the structure for the head. Sometimes the hair is very tight, ordered and neat, other times it is wild and free. Once Nigel is satisfied with the shape of the hair, he will draw in the details of the face, focusing on the eyes and mouth. Nigel will then loosen his drawing style to concentrate on the body by layering carefully sketched fine lines to build the drawing. Often he will draw the figure naked first and then add clothes. He sketches his women in glamorous ball gowns, decadent 1920s outfits and floating dresses with a heaving bosom. Nigel’s drawings frequently have a mysterious and eerie quality that transcends time and idolizes female form in a rare and carefully observed manner removed from contemporary gender stereotyping. Nigel is a resident artist at our South London studio. “Over the last few years Pallant House Gallery has started to collect works by Outsider and Marginalised artists, to reflect this important aspect of the Gallery’s activities, and imbed these works into our collections of Modern British, international and contemporary art. When considering a possible acquisition from the Outside In exhibition, we were drawn to the drawing ‘Woman’ by Nigel Kingsbury because we felt that it was a very powerful drawing that could easily hold its own alongside works by celebrated modern artists in the collection. It is a fine example of delicate draftsmanship, but also a compelling work that speaks of nuanced attitudes to women, and has a mystical quality that we felt could be used in a variety of different thematic displays. When discussing this with the expert on Outsider Art and Surrealism, Roger Cardinal, he also concurred that this would be a significant work to acquire for our collection.” Simon Martin – Head of Collections and Exhibitions at Pallant House Gallery Nigel Kingsbury is a studio artist at ActionSpace




Your drawings are absolutely lovely - I particularly love Woman which I saw at the Sotheby's exhibition and wanted to own!



Beautiful artwork Nigel, we are all so proud. Will definitely be coming to see next time :) Angela, Marilyn & family


Gillian Lawrence

Really fell in love with your work having had a fabulous art workshop where we took your pictures and style as inspiration.That was at Dilston Seniors' Art School.


phil baird

Congratulations on winning this years exhibition!

Your work is lovely dedicated and committed enjoy the fame and limelight. great craftsman work,


Carlo Keshishian

Beautiful quality of line and intriguing indeed.


Nora Young

Thanks you for sharing your drawings. They are exciting and give a great sense of woman.


oi its me frenchy

beautifully drawn have you own technique there


Cecilia Montague

These delicate drawings of females are interesting. Your style as a draftsperson is spontaneous. The women in your compositions have mystery!


Neil Milton

intriguing. Evokes bygone eras.

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