15 August - 9 September 2012

Outside In: London was held at CGP London, Southwark Park from 15 August - 9 September 2012. Artists meeting the Outside In criteria living within Greater London submitted work to the Outside In website until 31st May 2012 to be considered for inclusion in this exhibition. There were over 790 submissions from 190 artists and a panel of four selectors shortlisted this number to eight artists. The four selectors were: Director of CGP London Ron Henocq, Art Dealer Henry Boxer, Artist Frances Coleman and Outside In Coordinator Jennifer Gilbert.

To see the handlist from this exhibition please follow this link to download the PDF: http://www.outsidein.org.uk/Outside-In-London-handlist

Below are the eight selected artists who were able to show several pieces of their work:

Alan Ramdhan is a student of the City Lit College in Covent Garden where he studies drawing, etching and painting. Alan's work often depicts places that he has been to, and they contain a huge amount of detail in a very small space, often in graphite pencil.

Alan Streets was a Plein Air artist in New York City for 10 years. While in America a documentary was made about Alan titled, ‘My name’s Alan and I paint pictures.’ After struggling to make it into the art world, Alan is now based in the UK, where he paints landscapes and imaginary scenes.

Albert began to draw during his years spent in hospital, working mainly in simple accessible mediums such as pen and pencil. He has said that these drawings act as a kind of meditation and a means of escaping boredom. Albert feels 'connected' and 'whole' when he works on the drawings, repeating hundreds of pencil strokes with a focused obsessive precision.

David Byrne creates multi-layered artworks by writing and rewriting his thoughts, often combining collage with pen and paint. He uses text from song lyrics, T.V programme titles, names of sitcom characters and pop stars within his works. Recently David has developed an approach of combining projections with his own art work.

Kate Bradbury has received little acclaim from the mainstream art world, although generally she has become a little well known as an artist maker. Some years ago, Kate began intuitively making pictures and assemblages from the abandoned belongings of previous unknown tenants and continues to this day.

Kim Noble feels, as an untrained artist, that her work comes from her heart not her head, and that she has learnt a lot about her other personalities through their artistic styles. Kim’s autobiography ‘All of Me’ was published in October 2011 about her life with a personality disorder.

Linda Bell makes interactive artwork and she mainly works in sculpture and installation. She explores a wide range of materials and processes, all with a strong tactile quality. She frequently makes work which can be played with and whilst making she will experiment with ways of moving and engaging with a piece.

Phil Baird’s art career started when he first entered art school 40 years ago, and he has dedicated much of his life to making things. He has exhibited and worked at art whenever he could inter spaced by hospital admissions. Phil has focused on drawing for three years now, recently publishing the book ‘Simple Complex Drawings.’

More information on the selectors:

Frances Coleman - After studying in Newcastle and Bath, Frances completed an MFA at the Slade School of Art in London. Since then, Frances has worked in various schools and colleges over the years. Frances has continued her own studio based practice too, exhibiting both in the UK and abroad. Nine years ago Frances set up the ‘Coleman Project Space,’ working with independent curators, artists, the general public and various other art organisations, commissioning new work from individuals and groups both UK based and International.

Henry Boxer - Henry began his career as a professional photographer, however, after travelling extensively in India and South America, he decided to follow his true passion and open an art gallery in his home town of Richmond. Originally specialising in Modern British Art, he then turned his attention to self-taught and visionary art. Henry Boxer is the leading outsider art dealer in the UK and is considered one of the foremost experts in the field today.

Jennifer Gilbert - Jennifer has been the Outside In Coordinator since September 2011. She studied as a Graphic Designer and Textile Artist in London and went on to complete a Masters in Art, Health and Wellbeing in Birmingham.

Ron Henocq - Ron Henocq is a graduate of the Slade School of Art, who went on to study at the Escuela de Balles Arts in Mexico City on a British Council Scholarship. Following this he travelled extensively in the sixties and seventies through Latin America and the Caribbean. On returning to England Ron, along with others, established the Bermondsey Artists Group and opened the Cafe Gallery in 1984.

Outside In: Bethlem

Outside In: Bethlem was an exhibition at the Bethlem Gallery running alongside Outside In: London.

Marc Steene, the Head of Learning and Community at Pallant House Gallery, selected one artist that creates art through SLAM (South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust). This artist was Ronald Henry and the exhibition ran from the 29 August - 21 September 2012. Please take a look at his Outside In page: www.outsidein.org.uk/ronald

Ronald is 73 years old and was a resident of both Maudsley and Bethlem hospitals for approximately 2 years. He now lives in a low and medium secure unit in Berkshire. He began drawing when he arrived at Maudsley, honing his central motifs of planes and boats.

The work is saturated with meaning and symbolism specific to Ronald’s thoughts and belief systems. His style is naïve and he often includes text and messages to his intended recipients and audiences. Many of the messages are addressed to prominent heads of state, both in Britain and America. He chooses basic, easily available materials, to work with such as pen, wax crayons, pencil and paper.

Ronald’s unique style sheds an x-ray vision onto the world he sees. Whether he is drawing animals, planes, boats or people he will draw them from the inside out. Starting with the inner workings of internal organs (in the living subjects) or furniture and fixings (in the manufactured ones) continuing, layer by layer, until the 2 dimensions of his paper exploration manage to depict all 3 of the person, being or object of interest.

British Outsider Art at Bethlem Museum

Running alongside the Bethlem Gallery show was an exhibition about British Outsider Art at The Bethlem Museum from 7 July - 3 November 2012. This exhibition included artists such as Madge Gill, Scottie Wilson and Vonn Stropp. 

Address: Archives and Museum, Bethlem Royal Hospital, Monks Orchard Road, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 3BX.