Paul CAPER Dexter

Graffiti Style, old school, landscapes, portraits and abstract

I spent my formative years as a graffiti artist gaining a reputation and following as CAPER in the Leicester area. I suffered from bouts of psychosis and depression ending up in hospital. Over the last few years i have developed my bold graffiti style into strong and characterful landscapes. I still use my local environment as my main inspiration but I also paint scenes from my holiday locations. I have exhibited locally, including at the Graff HQ, the Cank Street Open and the YMCA in Leicester. Bradgate Park. Melbourne Festival Art Trail and every Albert Street Artists show since 2009. I am a member of Loughboroughs contemporary art group ArtSpace, Leicester Sketch Club and i have my studio at Albert Street Artists in Loughborough.



Mrs. Shirley Dexter

I'm caper's mother - please let me have his latest works on site.

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