Simple Complex Drawings

OUTSIDEIN LONDON SELECTED ARTIST. Three years of intensive drawing included. Also available in book format.

I have been selected from 190 Artists for the Outside in London competion. To show at least 4 works at The Cafe Gallery project gallery in Southwark park Bermondsey South Docklands! so you can see some of the drawings featured on this web site in the real world and in real time the show starts mid August until early September................................... Drawing has been important to my art practise from doodling through theraputic process as well as by developing imaginative worlds. The drawings included here are of a strategy I started 2009 they mark an integrating journey of various styles and approches One of the drawings Pontacherry Blues was selected for and toured as part of the Jerwood drawing prize.



Natasha H

The good stuff....

I adore peacocks looks like you have drawn their feathers, lovely...

Its great to see you doodle with such enthusiasm, keep up the good work....


Ivan Unframed

Phil I my excited by your work, seriously can we try to put our explorative heads together may be? collaborate?




Stunning drawings


Mike Hughes (guitarist from Tate).

Hi Phil, blown away by your unique imagination and meticulous draughtsmanship.



hey philbaird I reckon dem books is really beautifull

n I reckon I might check out yr Camberwell cavern at the end of the month


Judith Bibby

i love these entries into the dividend book- original and inspiring.


Kwei Eden

I feel really inspired by your work Phil. I love the way you have introduced colour in to some works. The worlds are amazing :-)


Ann Pitkin

Congratulations on your solo show 'Simple Complex Drawings' at Pallant House Gallery. Your imaginative marks and investigative stories make such enjoyable reading for the viewer. Thank you for sharing your journeys through pen. I look forward to your planned writing. Best wishes, Ann.


John Jennings

Phil, I`m glad to have met you at the Impact art fair. Your drawing are very impressive and I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Steve Murison

Pleasure to have met you Phil and seen your fantastic art in the flesh. Hope we cross paths again manny.


Ivan Riches

Hi Phil it was great to work with you on our film. I am a big fan of you work. My artist friend Simon is also very Impressed. See you soon. Ivan


Sam Brightwell

Congratulations on winning the Outside In: National. Your drawings are wonderfully charming and intricate. A real insight into an inner world of the mind. I love the density of criss-crossing marks and hatchings that you have built up in them, showing your intimacy and confidence with the pencil (or pen, or whatever you use).



I'm really excited to see that your extraordinary work will be in the forthcoming Outside In: London exhibition. Very much looking forward to seeing these finely detailed and thoughtful drawings in the flesh, so to speak! Let's hope that Cosmic Hats will be worn on the opening evening of the show...


Cecilia Montague

It does not surprise me that you have had great success with your drawings. This on-line exhibition of five works needs to be looked at in close detail to appreciate the time that you put into your creative practise.The castle is a very charming study,the work about the t.v. is intimately drawn,"Sky Sails" has a view point that is effective,"Wild Camping" has a restful composition and the hat drawing is imaginative.Brilliant work!

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