Ron Cornet

Outsider Art / Selftaught Art

Ron Cornet (1956) is a self taught artist from Haarlem (the Netherlands) and is considered what in the art world is called an “Outsider artist”. As the name suggests, Outsider art consists of art that is created outside the regular art circuit. Typically by artists who start producing art at a later stage in live without any kind of art education or background. Cornet is no exception as he didn’t start drawing till the age of 41. In his work Cornet uses acrylic paints, charcoal, pencil and wax crayons combining them with mixed techniques His inspiration comes from everyday life. During the day he observes the colours surrounding him. Clothing, nature, advertising signs but also cars and the television inspire and invite him to use colour in his work. Cornet let the colours determine the composition and processes all the impressions of the day in his art. Every week Cornet visits an art studio in Haarlem especially for people with a mental health background to work on his colourful art.


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