One of Barrington Farm’s most promising newcomers, Saffron produces drawings, prints, textiles and paintings using bold lines and vivid colours. Her artworks explore aspects of her personal experience and interest in people, popular culture, animals and motifs.



Ruby Reid


I love Saffron's work! Is 'Four Men' still available and if so how much is it?



Peter Bolliger

I just bought "Two cats" 8x8 in Paris, I liked. It will be presented on my website along with 100 other outsider artists. Usually, I add a page "about the artist" where I give some infos about the artist of the works presented.

Could you give me a curriculum of Saffron Wright to be presented in addition to the drawing in addition to the info given here on your site and in the booklet presented at the Outsider Art Fair 2016 Paris? If you wish, I will ad a link to your website as well. I would be very glad to hear from you, Best wishes, Peter Bolliger

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