Co-commission opportunity in response to Scottie Wilson's work

Outside In and Pallant House Gallery are offering an exciting opportunity for Outside In artists to submit proposals for a co-commission responding to the work of artist Scottie Wilson. The successful artist or artists will be commissioned to create artwork that will be exhibited at Pallant House Gallery alongside Scottie Wilson's work from the Gallery's permanent collection in May 2018. The successful artist or artists will receive £4,000 to create their commission.

About Scottie Wilson

Scottie Wilson (1891-1972) was a Scottish artist known for his highly detailed drawing style.

His drawings are incredibly imaginative and often include birds, fish, trees and flowers, which sometimes have heads and faces in them. Scottie calls these characters ‘Evils and Greedies’; he believed these were symbols for goodness and truth.

Scottie spent his childhood in poverty, which led to him leaving school at an early age and taking up work as a market trader. Scottie also spent time as a solider during the First World War. Once he left the army, he moved to Canada where he opened a small junk shop. It was in the back of this shop, on a table covered in cardboard, that Scottie discovered his compulsion for drawing. 

Throughout his career as an artist, Scottie used pen and ink as a basis for his drawings, along with coloured crayons, watercolour and coloured inks on paper or card.   He enjoyed telling stories and often gave different accounts of events in his life. 

You can see more of his work here.

About the commission

This commission is open to all Outside In artists. The final work should be primarily new work or it can be existing work which can be displayed in a new way. We are also open to proposals from artists wishing to work collaboratively on the commission.

We encourage artists to explore whichever aspects of Scottie Wilson's work are particularly interesting or meaningful to them. This could be the way he creates his work compulsively, his themes of ‘greedies’ or ‘evils’, or the imaginative worlds he has created using different animals, nature and faces. We encourage all art forms for the proposal, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and installation.

The commission will be exhibited at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester in Room 6, alongside work by Scottie Wilson from Pallant House Gallery’s permanent collection. To view works by Scottie Wilson, you can look at this web page:

The successful artist(s) will receive £4,000 for the commission to cover the cost of their materials, travel, and time. Outside In are able to provide support with managing this budget if needed.

There will be 8 weeks available to create the commission. The successful artist(s) will also be appointed a mentor who can provide support during the making time. 

There will be up to 8 weeks available for the successful artist to create the commission. The successful artists will also be appointed a mentor who can provide support during the making time. 


Outside In are offering Artist Support Days to help artists who wish to apply for this opportunity and to find out more about the co-commission.

Our Artists Support Days are made up of one hour 1 to1 sessions. Artists receive support to create their own online gallery on the Outside In website which includes taking photos and writing an artist statement. There will also be sessions for support to submit their application for the commission.

To find out more about when and where the Artists Support Days will be please contact Hannah Whitlock. 

Find out more and how to apply

To receive an application form and information pack, book a place on an Artist Support Day, or to find out more about the commission, please contact Hannah Whitlock, Outside In Artist Development Coordinator, either by emailing or by calling 01243 770845.

Deadline: 5pm on Friday 9th February 2018

Gallery visits for shortlisted artists: 19th February 2018

Exhibition opening date: 2nd May – 29th July 2018, opening night to be confirmed


The judging panel to select the winning artist has now been confirmed:

Simon Martin (Director, Pallant House Gallery)

Thompson Hall (Outside In artist)

John Booth (Chair of the Board of Trustees, Pallant House Gallery)

Cornelia Marland (Exhibitions Coordinator, Outside In)

Images (all 'Untitled') by Scottie Wilson from the Pallant House Gallery Collection, n.d.

Download Application Form