I have always been fascinated by colour

In particular by the way that dark, bright and light constrast against each other. I use a lot of bright paints to create my work, like fluorescent, and more recently metallic. I am inspired by the world around me, as I think its a beautiful thing. I think most of my paintings represent Mother Nature. Sometimes I use songs by artists I like to inspire my paintings and then I can explore themes around love, war, the environment and whats going wrong in the world. For example, the painting I have made of the two tigers walking side by side was inspired by my thoughts on extinction and how sad that is. The painting I have created of the iceskating lady was inspired by my parents and their work with the armed forces. my mum was a nurse and my dad was a solider. I named it 'Sweet British' out of respect for so many service personal who have lost their lives fighting for our country. It was originally my dad who got me inspired to make art because I used to go to the army barracks and watch him paint the big boards with the badges and the names of the barracks. Making art makes me feel good about myself, it helps me forget about having dyslexia and a disability. art was always something I was better at than reading and writing, so when I make art I feel much more capable. After my mum died of a failed tummy tuck operation I found making art really beneficial as it was an outlet and also a good distraction. now I come to Artspace so I no longer just make art alone at home in isolation. I use the studio to share my ideas with others and talk about how I feel


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