Tess Springall

Art is a great healer.

I am 52 years old and have always loved Art. I have worked as a potter at Amberley Chalkpits Museum, a silversmith at R.L.S Silversmiths and later in life took a National Diploma in graphic design and illustration at Northbrook College that led on to doing a Degree at Portsmouth University in Art Design and Media, Communication Design which I graduated from in 2001 with a 2:1. I was first ill in 2007 when I was sectioned and again in 2008. I was in hospital for about 3 months on both occasions and was diagnosed with Bipolar. I was then referred to Creative Response which was a fantastic organisation which now I am sad to say no longer exists in this area, due to lack of funding. Attending Creative Response led me to joining Partners in Art at Pallant House which has been amazing as it has given me the opportunity to work with other like minded people, who love to create. I enjoy painting, drawing, sculpture and experimenting with various media. As I said above Art is a great healer.



great work tess



Wow, Tess - your work looks amazing here - what a great platform. I really enjoyed seeing all the lemons as a collection, forgotten you had done so much work on them


Cecilia Montague

There is an interesting mental process behind the crafting of this work. Each sculpture looks as though you could switch it on and that you might hear noise or an alarm, or even music coming from it.

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