I was born in Oxford in 1945. I attended Brighton School of Art and The Slade School of Art, London, in the Sixties. After leaving college I created Mabs, a business designing and manufacturing clothes. In 1980 and after the birth of my son I returned to painting full time and work in my studio at my home near Oxford. My first notable series of eight paintings were begun in 1998. I painted my experiences I went through in 1969, after the death of my father, having had a serious nervous breakdown and being hospitalised for three months. All these painting were exhibited with a text which was essential to them. After this series I began to work on a personal but more general theme. Works such as ‘The Impossibility….’ and ‘Weighs of Ancestors’. I was still exhibiting with a text but my direction changed and I decided to let the viewer make what they will and I in turn felt free from any particular meaning. I began with such paintings, ‘onseeing…’, ‘Metamorphose’ and ‘Batwoman Building’. My last series are on the theme ‘Dare to Wear’. They are in preparation for an exhibition with the same name, to be held in St Pancras Crypt Gallery, London in November 2012. The themes are clothes in which to meet ones maker. A great theme for me bearing in mind I was once a dress designer even though I do not believe in a ‘maker’. My works are large scale oil paintings. In recent years I have begun to produce drawings as finished works, due to my ever increasing problem of rheumatoid arthritis, which I have suffered from my twenties. I enjoy my work, its creation and its exhibiting. I do not search for deep meanings or spiritual experiences. I am more concerned with the affect images make on people. To attempt to create the WOW factor. Or as Chuck Close an American Photo Realist painter said, ‘I want to knock people socks off’. Well I may not have the ability to render you stockless, I however would like to have a try. I have exhibited with Outsider Artists and I am now a member of the Society of Art of the Imagination. I exhibit in Oxford and London. Links:- www.suekreitzman.com/wow/artist.php?ID=6 www.open.edu/openlearn/profiles/yvonne-mabs-francis www.artofimagination.org/Pages/Francis.html



Marius Els Photography

Amazing work, love the bright colours, intensity and amount of detail. You knocked my socks off! :-)


David Alexander Richardson

Wow I am so impressed. The impossibility of being in the head of someone living is an incredible painting and title. I love all your work.Thank you.


Cecilia Montague

I have enjoyed looking at your paintings. Your ideas are very well narrated visually.

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