annette trickitt.

Sue adams, hi, I don't sell my stuff 'cos I don't know how to price it, glad you like it though. They're for sharing, as all art is. I can't imagine who would buy it.

Why not tell me how you are & where you're living now?

Hope to hear from you. Annette.


Annette Trickitt

Hi Sue, I don't know any artists so it was good to meet you. Unfortunately I don't have your details so I'm not sure how we could keep in touch. Technology has its limitations.

Meanwhile if you think of a way let me know.

In friendship, Annette.


Sue adams

Hi Annette

We met yesterday at the Estorick Collection ....loved talking to you and love your work. Do you sell them.... and for how much?

Let's keep in touch



Dear Annette,

How lovely to meet you today! Such an unexpected pleasure!

I am looking at your artistic productions and I like your 'Moon Star Tree" poem, beautiful and intimate. I was wondering if I could print it and use it in a poetry display in my school, would it be possible?

I hope you have a nice week.

Best wishes,




Well done Annette! I left you a letter via Islington Tribune with ideas of where to show work. Do t know if you saw it. Hadn't heard of this website!!

They're great and I love that they're quite politically engaged!

You know the work of the late john heartfield, Hannah hoch? If not check them out.

Keep on showing! Zoe.


Hi Bob, thanks for info. I cannot access my emails, hope you get this. What do you mean by invisulating? I left school at fifteen so there are massive gaps in education. My work is on cardboard mounts, so don't know how they'd hang. Anyway I'm glad to see them here, better than not at all. Internet is a wondrous thing! Do you have any work exhibited? If so give details so I can find it. With many thanks, Annette.


bob stuckey

hi annette,

i read your piece in the islington tribute. There is the possiblity to exhibit in Kings cross in an empty shop. However a contribution towards rates would be needed £160 per week or £30 per day and you would have to organise the invisulating yourself.



Cecilia Montague

Yes, I'm also involved with OutsideIn.I make jewellery.

My contact is

(see the galleries; its in alphabetical order)


annette trickitt

Hi Cecilia, encouraged by your comments. Are you an artist? If so how do I get to see your work? I'm new to this technology stuff, so it seems complicated. Is there anyone else who'd like to say anything?, Be constructive, , all comments welcome!! Don't hesitate to share your views.


Cecilia Montague

Your collages and photomontages are visually stimulating. You have expertise at selecting and pasting images together that are exciting to look at.

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