My inspirations come from nature

Nature, whether it be a contour map, microscopic cell or lines in the sand of a beach as the tide withdraws is open to my imagination. Pebbles are millennia old, moulded by geographical forces. When dry they look dull and lustreless, however when damp they take on a dazzling variety of colour and pattern as the underlying mineral and rock type shine through. It is akin to discovering a lost world that is transitory as the colours and patterns fade and disappear as the pebble dries. With my printing I prefer a simple & everyday form from nature, such as a vegetable or a plant. A single image is repeated using a variety of colour to create an effect similar to an Andy Warhol print series. With my line drawings, it is the space between the lines which is important. I never colour in between my line work because the resonance and relationship between the lines becomes lost. The majority of my images as with nature is open to the viewers emotions as they can be displayed whichever way one wants.



Cecilia Montague

The show of prints and drawings that you have selected to exhibit with Outside In is very strong. The drawings are bold designs of these natural objects that you like and you prints are lovely ,simple translations of recognisable subjects.

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